Welcome to More Media, the global media application design, and publishing company that you can rely on. We are dedicated to delivering highly competitive, reliable, and world-class mobile and web applications.

Whether it is designing and publishing an app for ourselves or for a client, we follow always follow and adhere to best-known industry practices, as well as always keep the client and end user’s needs in mind, which not only enables us to deliver stunning and user-friendly applications but applications that provide true value to their target-user base, as well as a positive Return On Investments (ROI) for the application publishers, making a win-win deal for all involved.

Here at More Media, we highly believe in giving it our all in every project or task which we work on and no job/project is too big or too small to us. We simply love being given problems, evaluating them in detail, and then coming up with not only the right but the best solution to it.

Featured Android Apps

Below are some of the Android apps which we did some work on.